Buckwheat + Almond Crackers

A light and tasty cracker topped with sesame seeds, sea salt, dill and garlic. They are delicious on their own or can be paired with our hummus, spicy capsicum dip or guacamole salsa.

*The Buckwheat and Almond Crackers contain nut meal.

Ingredients: Buckwheat flour, almond meal, Himalayan pink rock salt, pepper, sesame seeds, rosemary, filtered water, extra virgin olive oil and dill.

Sold in medium packs (200g) or large packs (450g).

Store in a cool & dry cupboard, these crackers will keep for 5 - 6 days.

This product can be found in our Mixed Box.

100% organic, 100% nutritious, 100% energising

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Buckwheat and Almond Crackers

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